Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Little Guy

There is one other pretty obvious difference between Brennan and his siblings. When I say he's my little guy, I mean he's my little guy.

Brennan's sibling were skinny babies for about a month, after which time the rolls appeared in mass quantities. At 10 months, Brennan is still sans-rolls and has room to spare in his size 2 diaper! Here are the kids weights from their 9 month well-visits:

Jenna: 20 lbs. 4 oz
Tanner: 21 lbs. 4 oz.
Parker: 21 lbs. 9 oz.
Brennan: 14 lbs. 10 oz.
Without fail, when someone we haven't met before approaches and asks how old he is - their response to my answer is always "he's so small for his age." I'm never quite sure who I should tell that he has Down syndrome and therefor is predisposed to being smaller. I mean, does the person behind us in the grocery store check-out line really want to talk about Brennan's genetics? Either way, I actually love having a little baby for once. The others grew, and are continuing to grow, entirely too quickly.


Bethany said...

Aww I love that pic!

Laurie said...

He is SO adorable!!

Hmm...my 2 year old daughter weighs 22 lbs. She is a total peanut!! I think Dylan is already catching up to her : )

Adrienne said...

Hi- came across your blog on some of the other DS blogs out there. We just found out our LO due in May has DS. One of my worries was that he is going to be so small- my first was a preemie and we always got comments on how small she was and I remember wanting her to gain weight so bad and then my second was huge so now with this one if he is small- like you said- you get to have a baby for a little while longer. Once they get big, that's it- you can't cradle them anymore. Your little guy is adorable!

Cathy said...

At 8 months, our little Lily weighs 13 pounds. I used to feel the need to explain abour the Ds and her open heart surgery. Now we just say, "Yep, she's a peanut and we like it that way!"

Megan said...

I would kill to be able to 1. pull my legs up like that and 2. have that little line that shows that there's actually MUSCLE there. LOL!

On the littleness - eh, everyone seems to have something to say, be it if your kid is little, or if they're big. They just need to have SOMETHING to say. :-)

susan yule said...

I am Brennan's Grandma Susan and let me tell you he is an absolutely adorable little guy. I'm happy he's little so I can still pick him up.

Jessica said...

This is a beautiful picture though I can't tell from looking at it whether or not your son is small for his age. What I see is that he is very healthy and is very loved.

blessingsandglory said...

Charlie was a total peanut. At six months he was only 10lbs! Of course he has made up for lost time, but he is still "little" in comparison to others his age. I'm with you I never quite know what to say when asked the size question at the grocery store. Do they want the short or the long version?