Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Alike Than Different

Many people have asked in what ways Brennan is different from his brothers and sister. The National Down Syndrome Congress currently has a campaign whose theme is "We're More Alike Than Different." Through this campiagn, they are trying to raise awareness of Down syndrome and to let the general public know that people with Down syndrome really are more like other people than they are different. I have certainly found this to be true of Brennan. The only difference so far has been his low muscle tone (which I will discuss in a separate post). Other than that - he really is just like his siblings were as babies. In fact, he may just be the easiest, most content baby of them all. He rarely cries, sleeps well, eats well and is just a happy little guy. He has one extra chromosome, but he also has the same 46 as everyone else!


Angela said...

Hi! I found your blog over on Megan's blog. My Benjamin was born about a month after your Brennan. You are so blessed to have been spared so many of the health problems with Brennan!! We have already had open-heart surgery and are in the hospital now for an intestinal surgery. But we love him so much and have learned a lot. Good to "meet" you! Your family is precious. :)


Laurie said...

I agree with you! And Brennan sounds alot like Dylan - low tone and SUPER content! : )