Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brennan at 16 months

At 16 months old, Brennan:

-loves to wave "hi" and "bye"
-signs "eat", "more", and "all done"
-has a great appetite
-gets mad if someone near him is eating and doesn't share with him
-likes putting things into and takings things out of containers
-is so happy being able to sit that he still has no interest in crawling
-thinks playing in the water in his bath or at the beach is the most fun ever
-likes making music with his piano and maracas
-puts his hands up in the air when we say "so big"
-loves to clap for himself and others
-gives the best hugs
-likes stacking his stacking rings
-adores and is adored by his siblings
-sways back and forth when we sing to him
-throws toys when he's done playing with them
-has his 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th teeth all coming in at the same time
-has the cutest little laugh
-is the perfect addition to our family


Monica Crumley said...

Awesome post. Love to hear what kids "can" do. Brennan is doing great! Can't wait to see him and John Michael together.

Denise said...

Very cute the way you posted this!!! Brennan and Ella are doing alot of the same things with the exception of eating and teeth. Ella still has NO teeth and wants nothing to do with food.

AngieW said...

Wow! I could just copy your post to my blog and it would be mostly correct for Ben. The only difference is that Ben only signs all done, waves when he feels like it and is starting to crawl.
Glad to hear Brennan is doing so good!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Love it!

Ria said...

What a great list! Hold on to your hats, it's only going to get longer. :-)

Emily said...

Good job Brennan! You are doing some amazing things cute boy!

Lisa said...

This is adorable!

Sonia said...

I saw you at the convention, but didn't see if it was really you. Actually, I think I saw Brennen first...he was with another older lady. I was on the 3rd floor talking with Chyrstal's husband from

I tried to get to the lunch meet up at 12, but when I finally got there it was 12:20 and you guys had all left. So, I took the kids out to lunch and came back and hung out at the convention for a few more hours.

I might actually come again tomorrow...we shall see!