Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Got Teeth?

Brennan has spent the better part of the last couple of months looking like this:

or this:
or this:
Yep, this boy is teething! I had read that the teeth of kids with Down syndrome often come in late and/or in an unusual order. I am here to confirm that both are the case for Brennan. His first two teeth came in at 11 months. They were his bottom middle teeth, which seemed like the usual order. Then at 15 months, his third and fourth teeth broke through and are his top premolars! I thought this would make for an interesting look since his top middle teeth hadn't made any sign of appearing. Then, this week, his top middle teeth started to break through. So, Brennan has alot going on in that little mouth of his. Somehow he hasn't let it bother him....he does lots of finger chewing, but little to no complaining. All of his teeth seem to be coming in veeeerrryy sloooowwllly - but I will hopefully update with pictures of his toothy grin soon.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Can't wait to see his new pearly whites. Joaquins have been coming in the correct order and not too far behind his brother's but his bottom middle teeth have a very unusual shape. They are extremely pointed...kinda like shark teeth. How are the shapes of Brennan's teeth. I find it really fascinating!

Shauna said...

Go, Brennan!

Aunt Shauna

Sharon said...

Jennifer - His bottom teeth are a bit jagged and his molars look more pointy (though it's hard to tell for sure since they're still coming in). I'm really interested to see what shapes they'll be. And to answer your earlier question...I will be bringing Brennan to the workshops with me. Many people bring their kids and noone seems to mind the baby chatter!

Emily said...

Good luck with the teething cutie! Justin is cutting his molars right now and he's pretty miserable. Justin's 8 teeth... yes... 8 are very jagged too!

Becca said...

He is seriously the cutest! :-) Jayci got her two first teeth last week - it makes her look SO different! :-)