Friday, February 13, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

Today is my Mom's Birthday. Six months before Brennan was born, my Mom moved from Ohio to Boston to be near me and my family. She lived in the same town in Ohio for 32 years. It seemed as if she knew everyone in town. In Ohio, she had many friends and a very busy social life. She gave that all up to be near us. At the time she moved here, we had no idea that Brennan would be coming into this world with "a little something extra." I believe that my Mom was meant to be here specifically for his arrival. She was with me every day of the first months after his birth. She sat with me in the hospital when I was recovering from my c-section, accompanying me to see Brennan in the NICU. She drove me to and from the hospital to see him after I was released, and spent countless hours at my house with us after he came home. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through that time without her. My Mom was always happy about Brennan's arrival into our family. She welcomed him with a heart full of love, just as she had her other six grandchildren. Brennan seemed to sense this from the beginning. He gave his first smiles to my Mom and smiled at her consistently for at least two weeks before I got my first smile from him. He still lights up when he hears her voice or sees her coming into the room. I am so grateful to have my Mom living near me. She is such an important part of my family's daily life and is an amazing mother, grandmother and friend. Happy Birthday, Mom!


Amy said...

Thank you. And tell your mom happy Birthday. My mom's is in a few days as well.

shaunay said...

Crying hysterically and so grateful for our wonderful mom!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Brennan looks soooo happy with his Grandma!!