Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. Everything

That's my husband.....Mr. Everything. He honestly knows how to do, is interested in and/or knows something about everything. During the spring, summer and fall, he takes the kids lobstering, fishing, camping, frog-catching, kite-flying, bike riding, rollerblading, out on the boat, to the beach, and to the playground...most often doing two or more of these things with them each day. In the winter, he takes them skiing, skating and sledding. He loves sports and teaches the kids the ins and outs of baseball, football, hockey, etc. This year, he coached Jenna's t-ball team in the spring and soccer team in the fall. He also just love, love, loves to be with our kids. He honestly doesn't go anywhere on the weekends without at least one of them, even if he's just running errands.
Very soon after Brennan was born - I told Eric how lucky Brennan was to have him as a Dad. I know that Eric will love taking Brennan along on his various adventures, as he does now with Jenna, Tanner and Parker. I think it will be especially important for Brennan to have hobbies and interests that he can share with his family and friends. And, with Mr. Everything as his Dad, he will have endless opportunities to learn sports and find hobbies that he enjoys.

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The Lehnick Family said...

What an awesome husband and daddy you have for your children...I'm sure you as a mommy and wife are just as equal...You have a very cute family...Brennan is not much older than Brayden...I am going to add you as a blog to follow, hope that's ok...I have been so blessed to meet so many amazing moms and amazing kids here on the blog world...can't wait to watch Brennan and his little siblings grow...I have 3 children whom I stay home with and feel so fortunate that my other children just adore Brayden as I'm sure yours adore Brennan. Kids really don't see any differences...My oldest still asks me from time to time, " Are you sure I didn't have Down syndrome when I was born?"