Thursday, October 21, 2010


Brennan will turn three at the end of March. So, in just five short months, I will be sending him off to school. I feel both excited and nervous about this transition.....but mostly nervous. I have been trying to educate myself on the process in an effort to both calm my nerves and make sure I am as prepared as possible. I recently found The IEP Toolkit which was written specifically for families of children with Down syndrome. It seems like a great starting point for preparing for an IEP. For more in-depth information, I have heard that "Wrightslaw: From Emotion to Advocacy" is THE book to have. And, of course, talking to other parents who have been through the process has been hugely helpful. I hope to share any valuable information I learn along the way and would love to hear any advice or suggestions you have relating to IEP's and transitioning to preschool.


Lyn said...

Hi Sharon!
Thanks for sharing this info, as we, too, are in our transition phase and will be starting preschool in March. You're leaps and bounds ahead of me in the preparation process! I'm going to order the book and print off the tool kit, which by the way, looks like it is from Cincy Children's! Love your photos from summer, too...your kids are beautiful! :)

Emily said...

Oh... I totally understand! Justin will be 2 1/2 next month and I will be dropping him off at pre-school once a week. I am a little sad... :(
Then at 3, he will take the bus to REAL pre-school... if I can let him go, that is!
Hope you find the info you are looking for!

Monica said...

It's great that you're educating yourself over several months. It's a lot of information to store all at once and for me, it took asking several questions again and again before it finally sunk in. Of course, it could be my "mommy brain" and lack of memory, too! LOL! JM's IEP is Nov 8th. Talk to as many people in person as you can. There are so many real-life tips that they can give you that reading books can't. PS: Need some new pics of Brennan!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love the summer pics you posted - brennan is getting so big :) thanks for sharing the info about ieps... we have until next august - so hopefully i can get some of the materials you posted to prepare... keep us updated with anythign you learn - thanks for looking out for all of us who are just a little further behind you in this journey!!!