Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm not a saint, just a parent.

My post yesterday made me think of one of my favorite articles. My friend, Gretchen, sent it to me soon after Brennan was born. It's titled "I'm not a saint, just a parent" and was written by Simon Barnes, a sport writer in the UK who also has a son with Down syndrome. And while you're welcome to consider me a saint - I really am just a parent.


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

GREAT article! thank you so much for sharing the link... I hope you don't mind, I am going to post it on our blog, as well. :) Have a great weekend!!!

mauimom said...

Hello! I found your blog after you made a comment on mine. Thank you for starting a blog, I have enjoyed reading it (and learning from it too). I got tearful reading about your "first days". I also have a post about the Boston Globe article and Beverly Beckhams response to it - love her! Congratulations on Brennan's heart results, thank goodness. By the way, Brennan is so adorable, and his siblings love for him radiates in your pictures. Take care!

Denise said... have your hands full with 4 young kids. I bet that if Brennan is anything like my little Ella....he is the easiest of the bunch. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I look forward to following yours. I can't believe our kids are only 2 days apart. How fun....that is the closest I have found. You aren't by chance in CA are you???