Friday, October 17, 2008

Here we go.....

So, here I go with my first blog entry. The purpose of this blog is two-fold. First, to let friends and family have a means for stopping in to see what's going on with our family of six. Second, and actually more importantly, is to be a resource for people receiving a pre or post natal diagnosis of Down syndrome. After Brennan was born, I spent many hours scouring the internet to find information about Down syndrome. My greatest source of comfort and inspiration came through reading blogs of families who have children with Down syndrome. Through these blogs I was able to see that their lives were just so normal - which is not what I thought our life would be when I was first told that the doctors suspected our son had Down syndrome. My hope is that someday, someone will come across my blog and find comfort in seeing just how normal our life is.


Cheri said...

Sharon thank you for stopping by our blog and checking in on our little Reid! We look forward to reading about all the amazing things your little Brennan is doing and will be doing!! I love his name by the way! :)

Blessings to you and your family of 6 from Long Beach, CA

Cheri Foreman

Bethany said...

Hi ... thanks for stopping by our blog. Waiting for your next entry on your blog. :)